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Sunday 23 January, 1:42

Argenteau (Visé)

Liège - north east city of Liège

Sunday 23 January, 1:40
Observations at
Day since 00:00Last 24h
Temperature +150cm (screen)°C3,93,94,04,03,35,84,4
Relative humidity%99,899,6100,099,892,6100,096,3
Dewpoint temperature°C3,93,94,04,02,64,93,8
Pressure at sea levelhPa1035,31035,11035,31035,21033,51035,71034,6
Pressure tendency (3h)hPa+0,1
Solar radiation avg.W/m²0000066250
Sunshine durationhh:mm00:0000:0000:00
Temperature at cloudbase°C3,9
Vapor pressurehPa8,068,118,05
Wetbulb temperature°C3,9
Absolute humidityg/m³6,3

* Parameters in bold are measured by different sensors, other parameters are calculated valued from different parameters and/or times.

* Actual = during the 10 minutes preceding observation time

* Minimum = lowest value since midnight

* Maximum = highest value since midnight

* Average = average value since midnight

* Total = total of the numbers since midnight

* Cloudbase = calculated height for cloud formation by convection; below this height clouds are dissolving

* Precipitation intensity (rain gauge) = average precipitation intensity during the past 10 minutes

* Precipitation intensity radar = average precipitation intensity during the last minute preceding observation time

* Pressure at sea level = station pressure reduced to sea level taking into account height and temperature

* Pressure tendency 3h = change in atmospheric pressure during the last 3 hours, + is rising, - is falling

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