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Webcams - Snowcams

If you would like to help expand the network of our webcams or snowcams, you can do so by:

  • either forwarding your own webcam that you already own to our server which then further processes the image. Preferably place the date and time at the top right, the rest of the image free of text and logos. In the image below you can see what is inserted where. To upload images to our server you need a login which you can easily request by sending an email to [email protected].
  • or ordering a webcam (snowcam) through our association. We use the brand REOLink by default and are available with different image resolutions. Most camera types are available in white and black color. The cameras can also be configured by us so that they only need to be installed and switched on. An example of the webcam in Avelgem is shown below as a raw image and then the image with the weather data and location processed in the image. You can also view livestream images yourself by logging on to the camera but these are not displayed via the website.

There are some rules that the images must meet:

  • the resolution of the image is at least 1920 pixels horizontally and the image is in color (daytime); larger resolutions are of course no problem.
  • you upload an image at least once an hour between sunrise and sunset; ourselves we usually prefer uploading every 10 or even 5 minutes depending on which location.
  • a webcam remains technology and something going wrong can always happen. But webcams that systematically fail or are out of order for long periods of time are irrevocably removed from the website after notification. In case of malfunctions whereby the webcam does not provide images for a longer period of time (or possibly will be replaced) we would like to receive a message ... this way we can take appropriate actions.
  • the purpose of the webcams is to provide an image of the weather in your area, which means that a reasonable part of the image should also be the sky.
  • the owner remains responsible at all times for the images they provide. Images that violate the privacy of others should not be uploaded! This includes: no neighbors' gardens and no recognizable persons.


  • Our server will also insert weather data from your local weather station or weather station nearby at the bottom. If there is no weather station available in our network at a short distance, this will not happen. Weather station data is taken from our network, we do not insert weather data from other devices.
  • The logo of the “Belgische Meteo Club Belge” is also added to the image (see example below).
  • The owner of the webcam (snowcam) retains the rights to the image at all times, but by uploading it to our server, the owner agrees to publish it on our club's website.
The raw raw image delivered from the camera (here: REOLink RLC-511WA, 2560x1920 pixels, picture you see here is not full resolution))
Raw image from the snowcam in Recht, for now, however, without snow.... Camera: REOLink RLC-410W (2560x144 pixels). As with webcams, text and logo will be added. | uses cookies to improve your experience on our site.
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