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Wednesday 22 September, 21:45

Weather forecast

Ensembles MEANAIGE


Forecast of the range of maximum temperatures (+ trend vs day before) + general type of weather in Belgium

(Usually the highest values ​​are in urban areas, the lower Meuse valley and in the Campine, except in the cold season where these values occur mainly in the coastal area; the lowest values are largely expected on the highlands of the Ardennes)

By: Luc Trullemans (daily update around 10:00 am)

Update of September 22, period from September 22 to October 5

Wednesday September 22: 15/21 ° (-0.5) quite sunny

Thursday September 23: 15/22° (0) at first foggy in the Ardennes; fairly sunny in the southeast and gradually more cloud in the northwest and later in the center

Friday September 24: 16/22° (0) at first misty in the southeast; changing clouds and later sunny periods over the west

Saturday 25 September: 18/24° (+0.5) quite sunny but first a lot of fog over Wallonia

Sunday, September 26: 17/24° (+0.5) mostly cloudy with rain or showers, later changeable from the southwest

Monday, September 27: 15/21° (-1.5) variable, rain or showers mainly in the west

Tuesday September 28: 14/20° (-0.5) variable, chance of rain or showers in the west

Wednesday, September 29: 14/20° (-1) variable or cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Thursday, September 30: 13/19 (0) variable or cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Friday October 1: 12/19° (0) variable or cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Saturday 2 October: 12/18° (0) mostly cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Sunday 3 October: 11/18° (0) variable or cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Monday, October 4: 11/18° (0) variable or cloudy, chance of rain or showers

Tuesday, October 5: 11/18° (--) variable or cloudy chance of a shower in the west


Mostly fairly sunny and mild to very mild weather.

Changeable from Sunday with occasional rain or showers and gradually fresher with normal seasonal temperatures

More info here: (but no daily updates !)

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