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Sunday 23 January, 0:39

Fire Weather Index (FWI)

Adjusted FWIFWI
Veurne22 January0,00,049,60,3
Jabbeke22 January0,00,048,30,3
Kluizen (Evergem)22 January0,00,062,30,8
Courcelles22 January0,00,054,30,4
Maillen (Assesse)22 January0,00,046,80,1
Rochehaut (Bouillon)22 January0,00,025,40,0
Moyen (Chiny)22 January0,00,049,80,2
Hotton22 January0,00,055,30,4
Radelange (Martelange)22 January0,00,049,40,2
Baraque de Fraiture (Vielsalm)22 January0,00,062,20,6

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